Traveling Solo

img_2463About a month ago, I did something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now – I took a vacation by myself. No companion, no compromising, none of that – just me.

When I first began telling people about my upcoming trip, I was surprised at the range of reactions I received – everything from, “oh my god, that sounds like a dream come true!” to “… Why would you want to go somewhere by yourself????” The most surprising to me though was the number of times I was asked, “What does your boyfriend think?” (Please don’t be offended if you were one to ask – I’m not!) It was a refreshing reminder of how lucky I feel to be in the type of relationship I am – that my boyfriend is my biggest supporter & champion for me.

When I think about solo travel, I immediately think about Elizabeth Gilbert & “Eat. Pray. Love.” As amazing as a 3+ month international vacation sounds, that type of trip wasn’t in the cards for me this go-round. Instead, I stumbled across the perfect place with everything I was looking for: sunshine, open spaces, warm(er) weather, relaxation and a fabulous pool. That place? The Westin Resort on Lake Las Vegas.


If you’re anything like me, you might be thinking, “Ok girl, sounds like fun, but Las Vegas does NOT sound relaxing to me!” For the 964th time, I didn’t go to Las Vegas! Lake Las Vegas is located about 45 minutes east of Las Vegas, but might as well have been 45 hours away – there wasn’t a neon sign or casino in sight, and it was glorious! I was surrounded by desert, rolling mountains, and the kind of homes I’d only imagine to find on Lake Como (Italy). Lake Las Vegas is a true desert gem and I’ll gladly go back in heartbeat.



The first day and a half, I reveled in the excitement of my solo trip. I drank (a lot of) champagne, did a lot of sleeping, ordered room service and that’s pretty much it. It wasn’t until day 3 that I really settled in and began to relax, unwind & begin recharging. I treated myself to the coolest pedicure I’ve ever had (if you see the words “zero gravity” on the spa menu, don’t pass it up!), kayaked around the lake and journal-ed my heart away.




My only regret was not staying longer. Day 4 was check-out day and even though my flight wasn’t until later in the evening, my ride into Las Vegas arrived at 1pm. I was just starting to feel the benefits of my stay drip into my soul and I wasn’t ready to turn the faucet off yet. I lounged at the pool until the last possible second I could before I returned to real life, and left Lake Las Vegas the way I suppose you’re supposed to: wanting more.


I didn’t have the “ah-ha!” moment like Elizabeth Gilbert, or the desire to make any life-altering changes upon my arrival at home. What I did discover is how badly I needed that trip; for the excitement, for the sleep, for the adventure, for the relaxation, but most of all, for me.


I highly recommend the Westin Resort Lake Las Vegas for just about any kind of travel: solo, with a family or as a romantic get away. Please, please reach out to me if you have any questions about the resort, the area, or solo travel in general!



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