March Madness!

While I AM excited about the NCAA tournament, my “March Madness” post is all about Seattle eateries! March proved to be a good month for me to add to my “restaurants visited” list. I also re-visited some tried & true favorites, and included just a couple in my round-up for you this month. My goal for April: Try out some of Thrillist’s “Best Mac & Cheese in Seattle” choices. Look for an update next month!


We’ll kick off with my favorite breakfast digs in all of Seattle: Meander’s Kitchen. I don’t even know where to start with this place. How about with their tag line, “Food so good, you WISH your Mama used to cook like this!” It’s true (no offense to my mom, who is actually a great cook). This cash-only joint, located in colorful downtown White Center, serves up the best corned beef & hash you’ve ever laid your taste buds on, a chicken & biscuit (pictured above) that might make you cry, and a weekend-only “Meanderthal” that will cause you to gain 10 lbs by just looking at it. (The Meanderthal is their take on the “cronut” craze. Of course, Meander’s does it better). Go on and support Miranda, who supports things we can all get behind, like LGBT rights, self-expression in every form, and a good belly-laugh every day.

Good to know: She’s open for brunch hours daily (8am-3pm) and if you go on a weekend, you will have to wait. It’s cool though, she has coloring books available.


Tucked right off Queen Anne Ave is a new(er) favorite of mine: Grub. I’ve been for brunch, lunch & dinner and I’ve never been let down (except when they’re out of the fried chicken). It’s cute, it’s simple and it’s deeelicious. The owner, Sharon, has compiled recipes from her childhood and combined them with a cultural and northwest fare. Her menu is quite simple & very yummy, but the specials of the day are the ticket. My latest order off the “specials” board was pistachio & parmesean crusted salmon with mashed potatoes and perfectly-cooked asparagus (pictured above). I also love that almost everything on the menu is under $20.

Din tai fung 2

din tai fung

I FINALLY checked out Din Tai Fung for the 1st time! I’d been wanting to go to the Bellevue location for awhile now, I was so excited to hear they opened a 2nd Washington location: University Village! I don’t know how busy the Bellevue location gets, but U-Village was packed! I was glad to be at the mall, so we could walk around a bit while we were waiting for a table to open up. I knew I was in for a treat when I walked in to see huge windows peering in at 8-10 chefs all working together to hand-create each individual dumpling – it was pretty amazing to watch! I have to say, all the buzz didn’t disappoint. Because everything is served family style, I was able to try out a few different items from the menu – this was a major plus! Din Tai Fung offers a great opportunity to step outside your “foodie comfort zone” and try out some new flavors. Don’t be shy!


I’ve lived in West Seattle for over 2 years now, and Circa (just down the street from me) has been on my list since day one. I kept hearing about how great the Circa Burger was, and being from Nebraska, I had to find out about this burger myself. First, let me start by saying Circa is about as “West Seattle neighborhood-y” as it gets. So cute, down to earth & serious about good food; that’s Circa in a nutshell! I started off with a “cup” of the soup du jour, a vegetable-heavy lentil and andouille sausage soup, served with a slice of Macrina rye bread. That was easily the best decision I made that day – so good! Of course, I went with the Circa burger for my main course, which was also served on a Macrina bun (always a win in my book). The burger was good. I’m a tough critic because I grew up with great burgers. I’m looking forward to trying out a couple other items on their menu, like the skirt steak salad & the butternut squash tacos.

What are some of your neighborhood favorites?




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