Travel, Twitter & #ExpediaChat


There are countless resources when it comes to traveling. Between the various books, brochures, magazines & blogs, one is sure to find themselves a little lost in all the media at some point. My favorite resource? Word of mouth. Direct experience. In other words, twitter.

There is a fantastic community of travel writers, wanderers, photographers and free spirits on Twitter, and they’re my go-to with each trip I find myself taking. Because technology is so instantaneous these days, I feel like I can fold these guys up and keep them in my pocket with me while I’m out creating an adventure. Likewise, I feel like I am alongside them on THEIR travels! It’s a marvelous thing.

Anywho, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite travel peeps on twitter, and thought I’d share them with you. A word of caution though: following them may induce a strong case of wanderlust.








Bonus local Seattle travel experts:




Want to find other fellow travelers to connect with? Join me each Wednesday morning at 10:30am PST on Twitter as I take part in a weekly travel chat hosted by @Expedia:  #ExpediaChat. It’s easy to do! Just be sure to follow Expedia and use the hashtag above. Each week presents a new topic, from Spring Break destinations to wine travel (I hear there’s also a $500 Expedia voucher up for grabs after each chat). Hope to see you next week!


One thought on “Travel, Twitter & #ExpediaChat

  1. Guest says:

    Just a note — @SeattleTravels is not a local blogger. She’s actually never even been to Seattle! Her name just happens to be Seattle, and she’s a travel blogger.

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