Seattle Wine & Food Experience


This was my 1st year in attendance at the Seattle Wine and Food Experience (SWFE) and I now can’t believe I hadn’t been to this before! The value received for a ticket in the door far surpasses the price. It was so much fun to compare wines from our region with those internationally. I loved the hanging out in the QFC lounge and sipping on French champagne (redundant, yes; also fun to say) just as much as I enjoyed my stroll down the Washington Wine aisle.

SWFE Collage 2

SWFE was the perfect example of variety in our taste-driven city. As Seattle builds a name for itself as a “foodie mecca”, it’s events like these that help people realize our title is well deserved.

For me, the food was what really stood out. It was really hard, but I have counted down my favorite bites of the day:

SWFE Collage

5. Prawn Salad with roasted corn vinaigrette and avocado mousse from Purple Café & Wine Bar

4. Andaluca‘s Barolo braised beef ragout with root vegetable gnocci (Chef Sarah is ah-mazing)

3. Yukon gold potato hash with house corned chicken, rosemary and wintergreens from Kaspars Special Events & Catering

2. BOKA Restaurant + Bar‘s Joplin-style braised Double R Ranch beef brisket with Kerri’s slaw atopTall Grass Bakery hominy bread

And for my favorite dish of the day…


1. Ray’s Boathouse smoked salmon bites with pineapple avocado chutney. THAT was a party in my mouth. I may have went back for 2nd’s.

A ticket into SWFE is really a ticket around the world for your taste buds. I love living in a city that has so much offer to locals and tourists alike. If you’re in Seattle for SWFE 2015, I definitely suggest doing yourself a favor and grabbing a ticket!


Snoqualmie Ice Cream is now serving up boozy floats & shakes! (Omg).


My friend Juli and I at Columbia‘s booth.


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