February Round-Up

I’ve been out and about a lot this month & I’ve collected some good Seattle nuggets to pass along to you. Here we go!

The Old Sage
I recently had dinner at The Old Sage, located on 12th in Capital Hill. I felt like I was walking to a Hemingway book when I entered the building – dark, cozy and full of books and whiskey. They don’t have a large menu, but that’s okay, because they really nail the items they do offer. My favorite? The duck wings. I also really enjoyed the malted emmer (when have you ever seen THAT on a menu?) on the the sour puff bread. I suggest going with a few people, ordering several plates and sharing them all. My one disappointment: the chicken. It had great flavor, but the texture threw me off. Try not to get distracted by their neighbor, Barrio (also one of my favorites). They’re tempting.

The Bezos Center for Innovation is now open at MOHAI! This isn’t so much an exhibit as an ongoing effort to keep innovation alive in Seattle. Tours, performances and presentations are offered often by innovators around the world.  There is also an area of MOHAI dedicated to the past, present, and future of movers, thinkers and shakers of the Pacific Northwest.

The Miró exhibit at Seattle Art Museum is here! Get lost in Miró’s 50+ paintings, drawings and sculptures from the late period in his career. The collection is brought to us from Madrid and is the first opportunity the US has had to appreciate Miró’s works. Be sure to check it out! Running now through May 26th in the 4th floor special exhibition gallery. Learn more about Joan Miró here.

Cavalia has returned to the Seattle area with a new show, Oddyseo (pronounced odd-ess-say-oh). Located inside the big white tent at Marymoore park, take in the two-hour show full of awe-inspiring interactions between man and horse. You’ll see acrobatics, professional stunts and equestrian arts all in front of a world-class backdrop the size of 3 IMAX screens.  Cavalia runs through March 16 and tickets can be purchased here.


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