Reflecting on my 2013 travels, Part 1

The end of the year usually calls for some time for reflection. I still have one more trip (home to Nebraska) to make this year, but I thought I’d take a look back at the other places I was able to visit in 2013.


Los Angeles was a welcome trip in April, because the grey of Seattle was starting to wear on me. My dad was working in LA at the time so I took a trip down to visit him over Easter weekend. We stayed in Universal City and packed in tons of fun. The highlights of this trip included my 1st trip to the Staples Center for an Elite 8 March Madness game, dinner at Nobu (seriously so good) and walking the Venice Beach boardwalk with my dad.


My sister graduated high school in May, so of course I was back in Nebraska for that. It’s always so good to go home, but it’s almost always a flurry of getting around to see everyone I want to and this trip was no exception! It was a quick trip, but seeing my sister graduate was definitely a highlight of 2013 for me.


August was such a whirlwind! It started with a spontaneous trip with my sister out to Portland, Maine to visit my dad (he was working on a project there at the time). As soon as I knew we were going, the 1st thing I checked out was how close we were to Boston. I’ve always wanted to go to Boston, and low and behold, the Red Sox were even in town! Being the baseball lovers the three of us are, we couldn’t say no. This was also a really short weekend trip, but I crossed a HUGE item off my bucket list: Visiting Fenway. I can’t tell you how happy it made me to do it with my sister and my dad. While we were in Boston, we also checked out the famous ‘Cheers’ bar, Boston common, and paid our tributes at the bombing site of the Boston Marathon.

Stay tuned for more of my 2013 travels! In the meantime, here’s a few more photos from the trips I’ve mentioned:


My dad and I after dinner at Nobu.


Outside the Staples Center before the game (Ohio St vs. Wichita St)


My mom, sister and I at my sister’s graduation party.


In South Boston


My sister and I with the officer who arrested the Boston bomber.


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